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A 3 Step Guide to Evaluating Car Insurance Quotes

When it comes to evaluating car insurance quotes, there are several things that you must take into your careful consideration. Do not believe everything that an insurance company wants you to. Quotes for auto insurance policies are often much more complicated than they are advertised or what you assume them to be. So, it is important for you to have a careful approach toward the same. Quotes are often prepared in a way to give it an attractive and lucrative look for the customers. Always remember, sometimes things are not the way they are actually told. You may find a quote cheaper than the one offered by another company in the first look, but after three months, you may get to realize that it is actually costing you more money as compared to the one that you rejected. So, do not forget to evaluate car insurance quotes thoroughly before accepting or rejecting them. Following is a brief rundown on how to go about it.Pay Special Attention To DeductiblesWhile you are evaluating quotes, the first thing that you have to do is double check the deductibles. Make sure that you are comparing apple to apple and not apple to oranges. Such comparison is possible only if all quotes have the same amount of deductibles. So, be very careful. Look at the pros and cons of higher and smaller deductibles. A deductible of $1000 can possibly save you fifty dollars every year, but it does not make any sense because it will take you more than 20 years to cover it, that too, only if you end up getting a large claim. The best strategy is to keep the deductibles to a moderate amount – neither too big nor too small.Gaps In CoverageYou must also look into the gaps in coverage while you are evaluating car insurance quotes. No matter what the basic insurance requirements in your state are, it is always wise to consider only those quotes that offer injury protection, strong comprehensive and liability coverage, motorist coverage, rental, and towing. Some people try to save small bucks by not opting for the additional coverage. It is very important for you to keep in mind that such savings are temporary. These short-term savings can lead you to a situation where you may have to suffer long-term losses.LoopholesLast, but not the least, you must also look out for the loopholes in coverage while you are comparing different car insurance quotes. Make sure you read the terms and conditions thoroughly. If you are having some difficulty in understanding a specific provision or if a term used in the quote is too technical for you to understand, do not hesitate to ask for a clarification in writing. For example, you may like to ask them what exactly they mean by an insured damage. The quote must clearly explain which types of damages are considered as insured damages.Overall, if you follow this three-step guide and look into all the aspects thoroughly, you should not have any difficulty in evaluating the different car insurance quotes.