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Why Use Video Submission in SEO

Anyone who owns a website wants to gain that holy grail of being on the first page, or in the top three position of a Google search for their chosen keywords. This is something we all wish to attain and using all known SEO white hat techniques, try to achieve; but how many of you are utilising the power of video link building to achieve this?

We are sure the answer is not many of you, but this is a huge area of SEO that can give massive benefits.

The reason why video submission is not used by many in their SEO strategy is, it requires the creation of many videos relative to the website it is linking to. On top of this, video link building requires many accounts set up on video sites like YouTube and time dedicated to publishing the videos on the different accounts.

What are the benefits of video link building?

Using video link building through video submission to video sites is beneficial to SEO for many reasons, but today we will stay with the main core reasons.

The main focal point is that the video sites generally have a very high page rank because of their popularity and brand name. This means that the link generated to your site is a quality and high-ranking link which is perfect for your sites search engine optimization.

On top of the above your videos will end up in the video results on Google offering you an alternative to the standard organic rankings for sites and images.

While the organic site rankings and the image rankings have massive competition and are harder to achieve top page results, the video search rankings are not. The reason for this is that the video search rankings are less competitive and you will have an easier time at achieving high rankings there.

On top of the SEO element, video submission offers a brilliant way of bringing in more site traffic and also building your reputation. As videos are a great visual aid, many will view your videos and want to know more about your business and follow the link to your site. On top of this, the videos will improve your business credentials if they are of a high quality and many will see you as a leader in your field.

Going back to the reasons why people don’t use video submissions in their SEO and the answer being time, there are alternative options.

If you don’t have time to carry out video submissions then why not use a video submission service? Some of the reputable SEO businesses available on the internet offer video submission services. These services include the SEO business creating videos for your business then upload them to the video sharing site with a link back to your site for you.

These services are also tailored to your needs so you can outline what you want in your videos and what anchor text you want for your links (if applicable as some sites don’t allow anchored text).

Many of you may have wondered how competitors are keeping ahead in the SEO game as you work hard to attain and keep high-ranking results in Google. The truth is they are probably using videos in an effective way to build a reputation and also high-ranking links through the medium of video.

If you are looking to gain that important SEO advantage then video sharing is the next step in building a successful SEO strategy. So why not take the plunge and look for an SEO business that offers this great and relatively unused SEO technique?